Our Services

We provide state of the art testing, certification and calibration services that meet or go beyond our client’s expectations

Particle Count Test

Our Particle Count Test provides complete airborne particle count cleanliness classification. The test is performed to determine the actual particle count level within the facility at the time of the test.

Airflow Visualization Test

We offer Airflow Visualization Test as a part of the validation process. Visualization is carried out by using the portable Visible Vapor Generator and taking Video Graph. The purpose of the airflow visualization test is to show the actual airflow pattern.

DOP/HEPA Filter Integrity Test

DOP/HEPA Filter Integrity Test. These testing services are offered for both the Pharmaceutical and Microelectronics industries. All filter integrity tests performed by us are executed in accordance with ISO 14644 Standerd.

Temperature and Humidity Tests

Two levels of temperature and humidity measurements are used by us depending on the requirement. In the first level, general temperature and humidity uniformity are tested. The general level test is used to ensure that the clean room’s HVAC system maintains the specified levels of temperature and humidity required for occupant comfort.

Our Standards

We support the following standards and practices for the certification of clean rooms, laminar flow hoods and mini-environments